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Our Hometown Inc has provided newspapers with a full production and engineering service for over 18 years. Lead by CEO Paul Kozma, the company is expanding its contributions to the newspaper industry by further improving available web services, as well as developing innovative products for newspapers to engage readers online.

Our Hometown, Inc. was founded with the goal of helping communities leverage the latest technology for spreading local news on the internet, and Our Hometown offers multiple packages for every level of service, from white glove to self-service.

In the early days of the company, Our Hometown actually took photos & created the online content themselves, acting as journalists in the early stages of digital media. However, given the rich value of journalism covered by community newspapers, Our Hometown quickly recognized the opportunity that existed in helping these established newsrooms move their publications online.

At this point they switched their focus to providing expertise in website design, content management, & digital subscription software.

Our Hometown is growing rapidly, as more and more publishers are discovering the remarkable simplicity of working with them and the tremendous value they add to their newspapers.

Our Hometown customers start making additional profits as soon as they get online, with almost zero effort on their part.

With an open-sourced content management system based on Drupal, they can develop solutions for newspapers on demand. If an Our Hometown customer has an idea for a feature, they can submit requests to the engineering department for development and implementation.

Our Hometown’s top-rated customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, exemplifying their commitment to putting out the best product possible.  
With innovative new products on the horizon, Our Hometown is continuing to invest in finding unique solutions to drive clicks and engagement on newspaper websites.

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