Signing up for Google Workspace

Our-Hometown recommends using Google Workspace as your new e-mail provider moving forward. If you choose to use Google Workspace, we can help you migrate your existing email accounts and archives to their service, and set up your e-mail client on various devices. First, you’ll need to Sign Up For Google Workspace. Follow the guide below during registration to ensure the smoothest transition.

  1. For “Does your business have a domain”
    You’ll select “Yes, I have one I can use”
  2. Enter your domain on the next screen
  3. Under “How you’ll Sign in” – Create an admin account. This is the account you’ll use to add new email accounts to your email. This account can be something generic “” or the email you plan to use
  4. Select your subscription
  5. Enter your business information and enter a payment method
  6. Once you enter and submit the info above, your account will be created
  7. If you’d like us to set up the DNS info and help import email addresses you have two options:
    1. Send us the admin account information (user/password) you created above. Once we finish migrating your email accounts you can reset the password
    2. You can add an email address with admin privileges to your account
      1. Click the hamburger menu-> Directory->Users
      2. Create a new user account for Our-Hometown
      3. Save the password it generates
      4. Once the user is created, you click on the user and “Assign Roles”
      5. Flip the switch for “Super Admin” to on and click Save
      6. Send the email and password to Our-Hometown

Only follow the steps below if Our-Hometown will not be assisting you

  1. If you will be setting up Google Workspace on your own and will not need help from Our-Hometown during the migration, you can follow the steps displayed in Google Workspace for verifying your domain. 
    1. Select “TXT verification” if it’s not already selected. Copy the verification code and have your DNS administrator add it to your DNS records
    2. Once the DNS is finished, you can click “verify”
  2. Now that your DNS is verified, you can begin migrating your email accounts and emails
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