SmartClickConnectEngaging Your Digital Publication's Readers to Keep Them On-Site Longer

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How does SmartClickConnect work?


  • SmartClickConnect is a new way to engage with readers to keep them on your publication longer.

  • Easily lead readers to more on-site articles, increasing the value of your online advertising space & the value of your digital publication to readers.

  • With SmartClickConnect, our proprietary software tags the people, places, & other important topics in your publication's content.

  • All tagged entities & topics are then cross-referenced in a variety of ways for easy user access via the pop-up interface.

  • Easy to use on all devices, SmartClickConnect retains readers as they find interesting connections between articles.

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  • Chesterfield Observer

    Chesterfield Observer
  • Native Sun Weekly

    Native Sun Weekly

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    Increase Reader Engagement with SmartClickConnect from Our Hometown, Inc.

    Our Hometown, Inc. has released their latest exclusive product for digital news publishers, SmartClickConnect.

    SmartClickConnect engages readers while keeping their attention on a publisher's news site longer.  This is accomplished by automatically tagging the important topics in articles - the who, what, where, and when - and displaying the relations between all of them in a simple pop-up interface.

    By creating deeper and more meaningful connections between recommended articles, SmartClickConnect aims to replace the average on-site search engine by tapping into a reader’s curiosity quickly and easily, driving them to additional articles within the publication. Its ease of use reduces the number of steps to find additional articles and addresses the short attention span of today’s readers.

    “SmartClickConnect contains readers to the news site or publication they started on, making the publication’s advertising space more valuable to local advertisers...” - Paul Kozma, CEO

    “SmartClickConnect contains readers to the news site or publication they started on, making the publication’s advertising space more valuable to local advertisers” reveals Paul Kozma, Our Hometown CEO. “Once a reader is drawn away from a site with today’s clickbait ads, they’re unlikely to return to read more articles. We want to reverse that trend.”

    In terms of tagging, most news sites today only tag a few major topics or people, or they have to manually add links to relevant, older articles. Others drive revenue via clickbait ads that drive readers away from their sites.

    “News sites have a wealth of archived material that is difficult to drive readers to” explained Kozma. “And our main client base, local and regional newspapers, have unique local content and engaged readers, but no easy way to connect and deliver that content. SmartClickConnect aims to be that solution for publications both large and small.”

    SmartClickConnect is currently in beta on select Our Hometown sites, soon to be added to all Our Hometown client sites.  The initial release features related articles and related entities to the selected topic as well as a search engine.

    For a free demo, you can contact or call (315) 294-5735.

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