SmartClickConnect Quote Sheet

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“SmartClickConnect aims to contain readers to the news site or publication they started on, making the publication’s advertising space more valuable to local advertisers. Once a reader is drawn away from a site with today’s clickbait ads, they’re unlikely they return to read more articles. We want to reverse that trend."

-Paul Kozma, CEO

“News sites have a wealth of archived material that they have difficulty driving readers to, and our main client base, local and regional newspapers, have unique local content and engaged readers with no easy, automated way to connect and deliver that content. SmartClickConnect aims to be that solution for publications both large and small.”

- Paul Kozma, CEO

“SmartClickConnect goes beyond highlighting the locations in the story - it brings context to all named entities appearing in the news - the who, what, where, and when of the story.”  

- Jeremy Beha, CTO

“We are developing technology that will essentially turn any news article into a wikipedia page…the who, what, where, and when of every article is automatically identified and the story is tagged with that entity. It’s a way of adding a lot of explanatory content, [which] allows readers to research the people and organizations that are mentioned without leaving the news site and looking it up on Google”.

- Matt Larson, VP Sales & Marketing

“We’re optimizing operations and expanding our portfolio so we can scale our business quickly. This allows us to continue investing into developing unique products that drive clicks on the newspaper website”

- Paul Kozma, CEO

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