Our Hometown Custom Design & Development Work

After launching your publication,you may want to add additional features, need additional support, or make stylistic changes as time goes on.  A custom project request will begin this process.

How do I make a custom project request?

Call (315) 294-6932 or send a project request to ops@our-hometown.com

We then determine if your project falls into the custom production or custom development category.

How much does a custom project cost?

Once you make your request, we then estimate hours required & total cost for the project.

Custom production: $65 / hour

Custom development: $125 / hour

What's the difference between production & development projects?

Production: Our production team is able to complete the request

Development: Project requires custom coding by our IT team & is usually a more complex project.

When does my custom project start & how long does it take?

First, your written approval for our project proposal is required via email.

After we receive written approval, we give you an estimated timeline for completion & begin work.

When do I get to see my project?

Completed projects will be delivered for your review.

Once you sign off on the final product, your project is set live.

When do I get billed for the project?

Billing for your project will be on your next monthly invoice.

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