Our Hometown Advertising Features

Extracted & Rotated Ads
All ads from your print edition are automatically digitized & put onto your website. Ads are rotated randomly, ensuring each one gets equal screen time.
Advertiser Index
All your advertisers, past & present, are added to your Advertisers Index, forming a directory of local businesses.
Individual Business Profiles
Business Profiles give your advertisers extra web presence & SEO value.
Advertiser Map
Our Advertiser Map allows a reader to browse businesses by geographic location.
Web Ad Management System
Use our built-in Web Ad Management System to schedule web-only banner & tile ads.
Full Ad Support
Full support for all ad types & sizes, including animated GIFs, Flash ads, etc.
Ad Reports

Easy to access Ad Reports geared toward both your advertisers & sales team.

Highlight Advertising Opportunities
Our "Highlight Advertising Opportunities" button allows visualization of how ads can be integrated into your site to potential advertisers.
Featured Advertisers
Highlight advertisers with our Featured Advertiser option. Potential as additional, digital-only ad revenue.

The Our Hometown Advertising Advantage

Our HometownThe CompetitionThe OHT Advantage
Display ads pulled from print with the ability to create SEO (search engine optimized) profile dataDisplay ads pulled from printPrint Quality Display Ads -Website Rotation -Mobile/Tablet versions (Apple/Android)
Internal business directoryExternal business directorySEO Advertiser profiles (search engine optimized)
IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) compliantIAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) compliantIntegrated Business Directory -One-stop shop (internal)
Metric reportsMetric reports

See what our clients have to say…

...we added Internet Display Ads and increased ad rates 15%. We lost no advertisers.
Jeff McDonoughThe Jamestown Press
We sent out notices to our advertisers and the only feedback we received back was positive. 3% of print ad cost with a minimum of $1.
Billy FlemingEarly County News
Two years ago we were going to do a 3% general price increase but decided on a 7% increase using the display ads. We consider the decision a success and have received no complaints from our advertisers."
Cody SossamonThe Gaffney Ledger
...it was scary to hand off a big chunk of that work to another company, but Our Hometown came through with flying colors. My stock & trade is the content that I produce. Our Hometown's paywall protects that content. Our Hometown knows the small newspaper business inside & out; they understand the issues & concerns publishers have....
Up-selling the ads was a no-brainer
Gareth CharterThe Landmark
We added 5% to our regular annual 2% increase
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