About Us

Our-Hometown, Inc was founded in 1997 with the primary goal of helping small communities leverage the power of new and evolving technologies to publish their local news online.

Early on, our team acted as pseudo-journalists ourselves, taking photos and writing stories for the web. However, we quickly recognized the value of local journalism from community newspapers, as well as the industry-wide need for a turn-key digital solution to help these established newsrooms adapt their publications for the web. With that in mind, we shifted our focus to becoming the #1 all-in-one solution for website design, content management, and digital subscription management.

After over 23 years of working with both print and digital publishers, we believe we have achieved that goal with Our-Hometown’s WordPress Publishing Platform

Powered by WordPress, our platform is fully customizable and includes everything you need to bring your existing newspaper online or launch a brand new digital publication. Several tools and features are included to help our customers adapt their business model for a successful future in an ever-changing, digitally-dominated landscape.

Our platform comes pre-stocked with several powerful plugins: MemberPress for a highly-customizable subscription management system including various different subscription models, GravityForms for classified orders and other custom submission forms, MaxGalleria for attractive photo galleries, and many more!

Our engineers have also developed several proprietary tools to help publishers get the most out of our platform. We’re always taking feedback from our customers to create the most innovative tools in the industry.

Audio Articles, for example, converts the text article into an audio file that can be read out loud when a reader visits the page, freeing up the their hands for other tasks while also providing a new sponsorship opportunity for the publication to collect revenue on.

Our Google Docs Add-On and Reverse Publishing Suite can help you optimize your workflow by drafting, editing and publishing to the web before laying out the print edition, saving you the time and effort of doing these things separately.

And while our fully-responsive designs make browsing from any device a breeze, you can take the mobile experience to the next level with our fully-integrated Android and iOS Apps

We could list all of our great products here, but it’s important to know that our efforts go beyond just providing a platform.

Our-Hometown has become a leader in the industry when it comes to offering virtual resources to customers and prospects alike. The coronavirus pandemic has forced unprecedented changes upon our publishing world this year, but we haven’t let that slow us down. Instead, President and CEO Matt Larson has hosted a number of Virtual Conferences throughout the year, mostly aimed at preparing our customers for a future that relies largely on digital revenue rather than the traditional print advertising revenue.

When you combine all of this with our top-rated, around-the-clock support team, it is hard to imagine a better choice. Customer service is our number-one priority. Whether it is our Knowledgebase of info & tutorials, our Weekly Customer Newsletter highlighting the latest updates and features on our service, or our friendly 24-hour support team, we’ve got you covered no matter the issue!

By joining Our-Hometown’s Neighborhood of Publishers, you’re positioning yourself for success in a future that will rely heavily on digital revenue.

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