Rethinking Paywalls for Paid Print Newspapers

Matt Larson

Hosted by Matt Larson
CEO, Our-Hometown, Inc.


When: Friday, August 21st, 2020 at 1:00pm Eastern

With the accelerated decline in advertising revenue due to the COVID shutdown, many publishers are rethinking their digital subscription strategies.

In this session, Matt will provide an overview of the most commonly used paywall models for paid print newspapers.

He will also explore some of the strategies used by Cecile Wehrman, publisher of The Journal and Tioga Tribune, to grow and retain digital subscribers to After this exclusive interview with Cecile, you’ll walk away with concrete tactics that you can implement on your website immediately.

Our Guest Speakers

Margaret Norris of The Garden City News


Rethinking Paywalls (for paid print newpapers)

8/21/20201:00pm EDT1 hour

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