Adopting Automation to Increase Audience & Revenue

Matt Larson

Hosted by Matt Larson
CEO, Our-Hometown, Inc.


When: Thursday, February 10th, 2021 at 11:00am Eastern

Our-Hometown is thrilled to sponsor an upcoming Virtual Conference hosted by Editor and Publisher Magazine on Adopting Automation to Increase Audience & Revenue, taking place on Wednesday, February 10th at 11 a.m. eastern time.

Our-Hometown President & CEO Matthew Larson will be heading the discussion as a featured panelist, along with two of our favorite guests: Kristen Weaver of the Wilson County News and Guy Roginson of

Mike Blinder, Publisher of Editor and Publisher, will moderate the discussion.

Together, they'll discuss some cost-effective ways to maintain a first-class website with limited staff and resources using new, cutting-edge tools for automating tasks and content.

Featured Panelists

Tom Lappas of The Henrico Citzien


6 Innovations in Local Online News

12/1/20201:00pm EST1 hour
This webinar will highlight the most cutting edge technology available on Our Hometown’s WordPress Platform. We’ll focus on tools for automated podcast creation (Audio Articles), Hybrid iOS/Android apps with customizable push notifications, Plugins for exporting content from WordPress to Adobe InDesign, and a Google Docs Add-on for direct publishing to the web. Lastly, we will discuss auto-publishing to social media and a Gravity Forms based process for accepting user generated content as draft articles in the CMS.

Coming Soon!

Our-Hometown is working to schedule our next Virtual Conference for the very near future!

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