Reverse Publishing AI Generated Content | OHT Webinar Replay

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In this live webinar replay Matt and Christopher discuss Reverse Publishing and its benefits for publishers as well as the efficiency gains of using AI generated content and images. The demonstration includes the AI Engine plugin for WordPress and how to create an article from a prompt, how to steer the AI and finally generating a featured image for the article.

The demo continues with exporting the article from WordPress to InDesign XML and follows with importing and laying out the generated and exported content into an InDesign template.


00:00 – Intro
02:55 – What is Reverse Publishing?
12:09 – AI Engine | Content Generator
22:47 – AI Engine | Image Generator
25:13 – AI Engine | Tools in the Block Editor
39:58 – Export to InDesign XML
42:21 – InDesign XML Import and Layout
53:13 – Final Thoughts

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