Audio Articles Podcast

 Automatically create podcast episodes from your articles!

Audio Articles Podcasts is a brand new tool offered at Our-Hometown that aims to help newspaper publishers expand their online reach by re-distributing traditional article content as an audio podcast!

Audio Articles Podcast uses our existing Audio Articles technology to convert articles into audio files, which are then used to create new podcast episodes and publish them across all of the major podcasting networks via BuzzSprout. Our platform takes advantage of BuzzSprout's specialized API to deliver the audio files and automate the entire process from episode creation to publish. It has never been easier to maintain a daily or weekly podcast!


Create podcast episodes from selected articles on your website!

Upload each new episode to your BuzzSprout account for automatic publish or private review!

Listen to your podcast on your favorite podcast networks: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more!

See it in action on the following Our-Hometown websites!

Start your Audio Articles Podcast today!

Our-Hometown is happy to offer a free trial of Audio Articles Podcast to publishers interested in testing the feature on their own content! Audio Articles Podcasts is available for both current Our-Hometown customers, as well as any publishers using a third-party service or standalone website. Just fill out the form below and we'll kick off the setup process.

We'll need you to provide us with your BuzzSprout API Token and the Channel ID.

These can be found by clicking My Profile -> API from the BuzzSprout website while logged in with your account.


  • Automatically create a podcast for your readers!
  • Create episodes from selected articles on your website!
  • Uploads each episode to your BuzzSprout account automatically!
  • Distributes your podcast across all major platforms!

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