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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to change the way they operate. Our-Hometown, Inc recognizes the difficulty that communities are facing during this time of crisis. One pressing issue that many businesses are facing is getting information out to the public regarding changes to their hours, services, or availability. Our team has re-purposed our existing business directory features and developed an extremely useful tool that newspapers can use to become a community hub for this kind of information.

We are happy to introduce our COVID-19 Business Updates Directory, now available to our customers as a standalone product.

Product Features

• Acts as a standalone website, hosted as a sub-domain to your existing website

• Allows Local Businesses to create an account and post business updates & events to a feed on the homepage

• Each update serves as a Profile page for the business, with logos, address, a map, and contact information

Updates are plotted on a map and searchable so visitors can easily find a business near them to provide whatever service they are seeking

Customizable Menus allow you to add links to other resources, such as state or government websites regarding the coronavirus

• Request Special Tags for business to choose from to designate whether they are hiring, seeking volunteers, open for take-out only, and more (ask!)

• Fully responsive, making it a great tool for both desktop and mobile users

• No paywall! Free access to all visitors -- no accounts needed to view info (only to post updates)

• Fully independent newsletter system

• Ad revenue opportunities from sponsorship or ad networks

• Become your community's source for all business-related updates during the pandemic!

Pricing Information

The Business Updates Directory acts as a standalone product and is available for a Monthly Fee starting at $49/mo*, plus a One-Time Setup Fee of $200 for our basic template, as demo'd here. Extra customization will be billed at our hourly custom production rate of $65/hr, and includes things like Special TagsLayout Customization, and Custom CSS Styling.

* Your Monthly Fee is based on page traffic. The $49/mo pricepoint includes hosting, support, and up to 25,000 monthly pageviews. If more traffic is required, we can offer an additional 25,000 monthly pageviews for an extra $25/mo.



Screenshots of the Directory

  • Homepage Map

    Homepage Map

  • Profile Pages

    Profile Pages

  • Updates List

    Updates List

Try it out yourself!

Request a Business Updates Directory

Key Features

  • Live update directory for local businesses to keep community informed
  • Searching & Sorting features for visitors to easily locate businesses near them
  • Special tags to designate your business is hiring, seeking volunteers, or only open for takeout orders.
  • Standalone product separate from your existing website

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