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Is the system easy to use?

The batch news conversion utility was designed in conjunction with publishers of small to medium size community newspapers to leverage the newspaper’s content with minimal effort on the part of the publisher, editor, and sales and creative staffs. Here is the time budget allocation of a typical weekly newspaper once set up: Newspaper Function Web duties Est. Time Spent Weekly Editor Upload all files used to print the paper to […]

Can people place an order for a print and/or online subscription though my web site?

Newspapers can take orders for just print subscriptions or can also use our online subscription model to charge for access to web content. Our Online Subscription Model generates revenue while simultaneously protecting circulation for the newspaper’s print edition. The system limits access to the “fresh news” to paid subscribers while leaving the archives open to the public. Open archives continue to be a major source of traffic from the search […]

Print or Web, which do the readers prefer ?

The existence of your web edition doesn’t change the fact that most people consider paper is the most convenient display media. Many people still prefer to read their news from a paper not from a computer monitor. Most readers use online newspapers for the archives (see below) and for convenience while they are sitting at their computer. Publishers that are concerned about affecting circulation often use our paid online subscription […]

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