Is the system easy to use?

The batch news conversion utility was designed in conjunction with publishers of small to medium size community newspapers to leverage the newspaper’s content with minimal effort on the part of the publisher, editor, and sales and creative staffs. Here is the time budget allocation of a typical weekly newspaper once set up:

Newspaper Function Web duties Est. Time Spent Weekly
Editor Upload all files used to print the paper to the system. 15 minutes
Sales Staff Each time a print display ad is sold, give the newspaper website address and offer to run their print display ad on the website for 5% to 20% more. The publisher sets the price, but typically the upsell ranges from 20% of the print ad for small display ads to 5% for a full page ad. 1 minute each print display ad sale
Ad Creative Staff Save pdf of all display ads upsold to the web during the week. Upload to the system weekly. 2 minutes each web display ad sale
Publisher Assure paper and display ads are uploaded.
Assure sales staff ask for the web order when selling display ads.
Assure stock fill ads are run periodically in print.
Spend 10 minutes a week promoting web site.
15 minutes

If you choose to enter all the stories individually with the WYSIWYG input form, the amount of time the editoral staff will spend depends on the number of stories and the electronic format in which the stories are stored.

In comparison to managing your own website independently or using a competitive service, you will always save time with

Can more time be spent?

Of course…but it’s entirely unnecessary. You could update the system every day, upload local directories, include community information, etc. The list of possible additions and added work on your site goes on and on.

However, the system works just fine with the effort levels described above and should cover internal and external costs and generate a small profit within 6 months.

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