SmartClickConnect Fact Sheet

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  • SmartClickConnect creates meaningful connections between articles automatically, increasing average articles per visit
  • Cross-references proper nouns in a publication's past and current articles
  • Affordable resource for small to mid-sized publications, as well as large ones
  • Manual tagging available to publishers to add or remove tags
  • Eliminates manual tagging for every article; once a tag is added, it is added to all currently archived articles and all related future articles
  • Can be limited to one publication or across a group of a media company's owned publications
  • SmartClickConnect does not take readers off-site, unless specifically directed to do so
    • Ability create central database with articles from sister publications, unlike other “related article” products available today
  • Designed for easy mobile use
  • Can be limited to currents subscribers or made available to all readers of the paper, integrating with Our Hometown’s customizable paywall
  • SmartClickConnect can be applied to all archived data, or through a set date range
  • SmartClickConnect available as a free limited-trial to current Our Hometown, Inc clients

Powering SmartClickConnect:

  • Natural Language Processing/Machine Learning Infrastructure
  • Our database contains: 
    • 4,000,000+ articles archive
    • 2,000,000+ unique proper names
    • 52,000,000+ proper name references
    • 2,000+ new articles added each day with the ability to process 25,000 articles per hour
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