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How do people pay for their classified ad?

You can: Bill yourself. You copy the billing info from the email order into your billing system. Credit Card. The reader enters their card in a secure form. We check the number to make sure it’s valid, and then you process the card just like you do with a telephone order.

How do I add display ads to the system?

Ads displayed in PDF format for our ad server Requirements Only one ad per PDF file File name must end in “.pdf“ All the display ads you want on your site should sent in a single ZIP or Stuffit file although we’ll accept them in a regular folder. The ads running on your site will be replaced with these For best results As much text as possible should be extractable. […]

Can I run videos on the website?

Yes, we encourage clients to add both news content and advertising videos to their site. Online video represents an enormous opportunity for newspapers to grow revenue and audience. Your staff will have access through our easy to use HTML Editor to add video clips directly to articles or to video galleries. Expanding the possibilities further, Our-Hometown websites are fully compatible with third party video players and servers.

Are there reports about readership?

The system provides you 40 specialized reports by the number one web reporting company, WebTrends.com.

Can I run banner ads?

Banner ads can be “rotated” at the top of every page or run in fixed position on every page. See display ads for a more efficient and less time consuming way to make money off of online ads.

Can I find my website on search engines?

We periodically submit your site to all the major search engines and design your site so as to increase the likelihood it will be found there by readers from your market.

What about email addresses? will they contain mypaper.com ?

Yes, we can set up one or more email addresses with your dot com address.

Can I make websites for my customers?

You can add as many websites under your domain as you want (www.mypaper.com/customername). This includes customer sites.

Does the newspaper get its own dot com address?

Yes, your website can be accessed from a URL such as “www.mypaper.com”. If your readers bookmark any page within your website, it will contain the “www.mypaper.com” address. The availability of dot com addresses is controlled by other services and you purchase the right to use one of your choosing from them. We will help you in obtaining or transfering your dot com address.  

How is hosting handled?

Your newspaper is hosted at a secured facility with an OC-3 communications backbone, redundant connections, an on-site UPS and diesel backup generators. Disk backups are taken 3 times a week to two off site facilities. There are no limits on traffic to your site or content downloaded.

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