Have you seen our latest features on WordPress?

Many publishers ask me which features other newspapers are using to generate digital revenue, engage with readers, and reduce operational costs.

In response, I have put together the following list of features currently available with Our Hometown’s new WordPress Publishing Platform.  

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Revenue Opportunities

  • Digital Paywall
  • Unlimited Web Ad Options
  • Newsletter Sponsorships
  • Business Directory
  • Bulk Print Ad Upload
  • Customizable Advertiser Profiles
  • Paid Event and Classified Listings
  • Real Estate and Professional Listings
  • WordPress Website Development

Features for Readers

  • Site Redesign and Rebranding Opportunity
  • Screen size adapts to Mobile and Tablet devices
  • Engaging Event Calendars
  • SSL Certificate for Secure Payments (HTTPS)
  • Easy to Browse Photo Galleries
  • Automated Newsletters
  • Article Order  (If your stats show an article or topic is getting high traffic, keep the article on the homepage for readers)

Increase Efficiency and Cut Costs

  • PrePress Editorial Tools
  • Reverse Publishing – Website to InDesign
  • Easily Customize Homepage Styling with “Customize Tool”
  • Automated Order Taking  (Print/digital subs, classifieds, print/digital ads)
  • Digital Announcements (Birth, Graduation, Engagement, Wedding, Retirement, Obituaries)
  • Email Articles to Website as Drafts
  • Multi-site publishing  (Publish the same article on multiple websites without copy/paste)

I am sure at least one, if not most, of these exciting features caught your eye.

The great news is that you will have access to ALL of these features by migrating to our WordPress platform.

Many of our customers have already switched to WordPress and their beautiful sites speak for themselves. Please check out some of our favorites here.

All we require from you is some basic information and a small, one-time setup fee of $1000 per site (50% discount for current customers), and our team of WordPress experts will handle the rest.

Let me know if you are interested in upgrading to WordPress or want to know more about any of the above features by contacting me at mcl@our-hometown.com or 315-294-5735.


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