Get Your Newspaper Online Fast with a PDF eEdition

Fast, Responsive, Easy.

Interactive Version of Your Print Newspaper
Link your eEdition to the digital versions of your articles - available to both full-service & self-service customers.
Beautiful on All Devices
Responsive to look great & be easy to use on desktop, tablet & mobile devices.
Optional Subscriber Paywall
Offer your eEdition free to readers or charge a single-issue fee or a subscription fee.
Link to HTML Articles & Advertiser Profiles
Link your eEdition to your digital articles as well as your advertisers' profiles.
Data-Saving Single-Page Load
Only load the page you're looking at. Save data & ensure fast load times.
Text & Screen Resizing
Enlarge text easily on digital articles & easily pinch & zoom on touch-screen devices.

eEdition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an eEdition?

Sometimes also called a "print edition" on our websites, an eEdition is an electronic version of your actual print paper.

The most basic version is a scrollable PDF, but Our Hometown also provides a number of other options to make your eEdition more interactive.

How much will it cost me to get an eEdition online?

Pricing depends on your publication frequency as well as your website package.

Check out our weekly publishing frequency pricing or contact us for a free quote request!

Can I have a paywall on my eEdition?

You sure can! Paywall is included in the Our Hometown software.

Is there a lost of work involved to get my eEdition online?

No. You simply need a PDF of your print eEdition to upload to our servers. We provide easy-to-follow instructions as well.

Do I get reader analytics?

We provide analytics on how many people are visiting your website.

Can I send out a newsletter when new editions are published?

If you have a subscriber list, you can automatically set an email to go out whenever a new edition is published.

I have a website that isn't with Our Hometown. Can I still use your eEdition on my website?

Yes. Our Hometown has options for embedding our eEdition onto your current newspaper website.

Responsive eEditions from Our Hometown

Our Hometown, Inc. CEO, Paul Kozma, has announced the release of a completely redesigned and upgraded newspaper and magazine eEdition. Created to ensure an outstanding experience across devices in a fresh, modern design, Our Hometown’s eEdition is available as a standalone product or as an add-on website feature.

While most eEditions are either too basic or too expensive for local papers, Our Hometown’s eEdition platform is the perfect combination of style, functionality, and price. Kozma explained,

“With Our Hometown, publications are not only getting the features they need but also the features they want but didn’t think they could afford.”

Customers who use Our Hometown’s content extraction platform benefit from automatic linking of PDF and website content for easy reading and sharing capabilities as well as advertising opportunities.

For customers who prefer a self-service option, the new eEdition allows a publication to easily tag articles in the PDF and tie it to their digital content as well as advertiser or business profiles, all from within the eEdition web interface.

Single page load is another bonus feature for publishers and readers concerned about data usage. Most platforms download the entire PDF, regardless of how much is actually being read. Our Hometown’s platform only loads the pages that are actually being read. Select pages from a thumbnail bar, page menu, or by simply scrolling or swiping through the paper but never worry about wasting mobile data or server space.

Other standard eEdition features include optional paywall and subscription software, unlimited archives, single page PDF download, social sharing, screen pinch zoom on touch devices, and vertical and horizontal scrolling options.

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