Templates & FeaturesWe find the best so you don't have to.

Customizable, Device-Friendly Templates

Sites designed to fit your publication's personality & the community it serves. Custom color schemes, categories, & more reflect your unique vision.

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Customized Paywall Options
Customize paywalls by category, article, device or date. Earn additional revenue for your publication in a variety of ways.

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Advertising Features
Support advertising in the digital version of your newspaper w/ options such as featured ads, exclusive digital space, & special ad types.

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Multi-Channel Publishing
Collect your content in one place, so you can export to layout for print in InDesign & publish digitally in an easy & timely fashion.

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Sell Digital & Physical Products

From subscriptions & ads to physical products, we help you drive additional revenue online.

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Photo, Video & Audio Features
Image galleries, embedded videos, image purchasing, podcasts, live event broadcasting & so more.

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Social Media Sharing & Updates
Embed your social media on site to create further reader engagement & sharing opportunities.

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Automatic Archiving & Site Search

Your past content is always accessible & searchable because we archive every, single issue for no extra charge.

Digital Newsletter for Subscribers
Subscribed readers get our automated newsletter when the site updates. Unsubscribe from the newsletter without affecting site subscription.
Portal Pages for Multiple Papers
Have multiple sites? Set up a main portal page + a drop-down on individual sites. Readers get quick access to all your sites.
Custom Maps
Direct readers to local events (such as yard sales) or where to get a copy of your printed version. Unlimited options, & events & locations are easily added or removed.
Custom Forms
Digitize your existing submission forms, making it easy to fill in & submit online. You can even attach photos! Great for birth announcements, weddings, engagements & more.
Events Submission & Calendar
Allow readers to submit events right from the site, for free or a small fee. Display the calendar anywhere on site.
Ballots, Polls & Surveys
Create user-generated content on site via polls, surveys & ballots or get critical feedback. It's all right at your fingertips!
Automated Web Traffic Reports
Know how many readers are visiting your sites & what articles they're reading. Delivered via email on a monthly or weekly basis, your choice.

Features & Services

Our Hometown

The Competition

Prepress CMSCompose and edit content in WordPress CMS. Export articles, images, categories, and editions via XML for import into InDesign. Hot backup of database offsite.Proprietary CMS priced at a point only available to dailies.
Little focus on feature development.
Requires servers on site.
New Feature DevelopmentEngineering Installs, Modifies, and Updates Proprietary & 3rd Party Plugins to match publisher specificationsSlow development time because everything must be custom coded
Hosting and SupportAmazon Web Services cloud hosting for up to 100,000 page views per month included.
24/7 technical support.
Expensive on-site servers with downloaded software
FeesFixed monthly cost for unlimited usersCharge per seat
Contract30 day termination periodMulti-year obligations
Usability and TrainingOur custom-developed WordPress themes are intuitive to use, easy to adjust & include expert training + online documentation.Clunky interface.
Difficult to learn.

See what our clients have to say…

...we added Internet Display Ads and increased ad rates 15%. We lost no advertisers.
Jeff McDonoughThe Jamestown Press
We sent out notices to our advertisers and the only feedback we received back was positive. 3% of print ad cost with a minimum of $1.
Billy FlemingEarly County News
Two years ago we were going to do a 3% general price increase but decided on a 7% increase using the display ads. We consider the decision a success and have received no complaints from our advertisers."
Cody SossamonThe Gaffney Ledger
...it was scary to hand off a big chunk of that work to another company, but Our Hometown came through with flying colors. My stock & trade is the content that I produce. Our Hometown's paywall protects that content. Our Hometown knows the small newspaper business inside & out; they understand the issues & concerns publishers have....
Up-selling the ads was a no-brainer
Gareth CharterThe Landmark
We added 5% to our regular annual 2% increase
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