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How do people pay for their classified ad?

You can: Bill yourself. You copy the billing info from the email order into your billing system. Credit Card. The reader enters their card in a secure form. We check the number to make sure it’s valid, and then you process the card just like you do with a telephone order.

How do I add display ads to the system?

Ads displayed in PDF format for our ad server Requirements Only one ad per PDF file File name must end in “.pdf“ All the display ads you want on your site should sent in a single ZIP or Stuffit file although we’ll accept them in a regular folder. The ads running on your site will be replaced with these For best results As much text as possible should be extractable. […]

Can I run banner ads?

Banner ads can be “rotated” at the top of every page or run in fixed position on every page. See display ads for a more efficient and less time consuming way to make money off of online ads.

Is the system easy to use?

The batch news conversion utility was designed in conjunction with publishers of small to medium size community newspapers to leverage the newspaper’s content with minimal effort on the part of the publisher, editor, and sales and creative staffs. Here is the time budget allocation of a typical weekly newspaper once set up: Newspaper Function Web duties Est. Time Spent Weekly Editor Upload all files used to print the paper to […]

Can people place a classified ad through my website?

Yes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, people can easily submit a classified ad with a customized classified order form. The orders arrive via email and you can simply cut and paste the ad into the paper. How do people pay for their classified ad ? You can: Bill yourself. You copy the billing info from the email order into your billing system. Credit Card. The reader enters […]

Does provide a national or regional database of classifieds ?

No, but you can link your newspaper’s website to one through the “Classifieds” button. While conventional wisdom dictates that readers want access to a large database of classifieds, for the type of markets served by the community newspaper, that is not the case. With the exception of collectibles, community newspaper readers are generally disinterested in making purchases from outside their locality.  

How are classified ads handled ?

The system has 4 options for your classifieds. When the reader clicks the “Classifieds” button they can see: All the classifieds on one page with headers for the classifications. Newspapers that have a page or two of classifieds usually use this option; A list of all the active classifications that click through to individual pages with ads from the selected classification. Newspapers that have more than two pages of classifieds […]

How else can readers find online display ads?

The system includes a “shopping page” that contains all the online display ads or if you have more ads you can classify them by marketplace: Real Estate, Automotive, etc. In addition, the ads can be found on the search engines based on the words in the ad.

Are display ads on the web better than banner ads?

Yes, by far. The advantages are: -No ad creation time or expense – you use the ads you’ve already created for the newspaper; -Easy upsell – just add a check box on your order form for the web option and forget about having to design a banner ad and/or website for the customer. -It works for the customer – following the age old model, display ads near the content attract […]

Can I put display ads from the paper on the web?

Yes! You can put display ads on your web site like they appear, next to your news, in your print edition. Many of our competitors put display ads in directories that make the reader search for the ad. Not our system–the display ads are right there on every page.

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