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  • SmartScroll not only allows infinite or defined, extended scrolling, it also saves a reader’s spot when they click to read an article or leave the category page.

  • Our Hometown, Inc. CEO, Paul Kozma, has announced the release of a completely redesigned and upgraded newspaper and magazine eEdition. Created to ensure an outstanding experience across devices in a fresh, modern design, Our Hometown’s eEdition is available as a standalone product or as an add-on website feature.


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  • Looking for a better way to connect with your readers online and have them stick around longer? Check out SmartClickConnect. Created by Our Hometown, Inc., the product hopes to tap into a reader’s natural curiosity to better engage with them. SmartClickConnect can be used on both Web and mobile news sites, and it automatically tags names, major topics, events and places in a news article.


  • Developed by Our Hometown, Inc., News Bayou aggregates news articles using the company’s Points Mentioned product. Launched early last year, Points Mentioned uses a simple algorithm to target locations mentioned in a paper’s online article.


  • In newspapers’ race for digital revenue, being small is no excuse not to run fast. Many community newspapers, typically dailies and weeklies running south of the 50,000-circulation mark, have been as aggressive in their pursuit of digital dollars as their much better resourced peers in larger markets.

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