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What isn’t Facebook telling Publishers about Instant Articles?

What isn’t Facebook telling Publishers about Instant Articles?

Facebook likes to talk about all the money publishers can make on their Instant Articles platform – just look at the information provided in the following infographic: 20% more clicks than mobile web articles 70% less likely to abandon the article due to page load speeds 30% more shares than a mobile web article Seems too good to be true, right?   What Facebook doesn’t come right out & say is […]

The evolution of clickbait content

Breaking down the good & bad of clickbait articles Clickbait used to be a catch-all phrase for the types of articles that generated clicks but also lead readers away from the site they were on, sometimes through a maze of other sites, to get to the actual article they wanted to read. This puts publishers in a tricky position at times, because there’s nothing wrong with an interesting article title […]

Five Ways Newspapers Can Deepen Their Relationships with Readers

The newspaper industry has lagged behind in terms of digital progress compared to other industries trying out the latest digital trend as it emerges.  And while that has been changing as of late, there are other strengths that newspapers continue to hold such as high quality audiences, strong use of coupons, and a long-term relationship with their audience. Editor & Publisher lists 5 ways to take these strengths and further deepen […]

Could Facebook Instant Articles help hyperlocal news?

While Google News and Facebook news articles have become a topic of debate amongst hyperlocal newspapers, Facebook has mostly drawn its news from the largest publications out there as they test instant articles. The real question will become, can Facebook Instant Articles help instead of hurt hyperlocal news outlets.  Local papers will have to decide if they will embrace news pulled into social media or shun it because of lost advertising […]

Digital Publishing: For Some Publishers, Paywalls are Gaining Traction

What makes a paywall successful?  The New York Times & Wall Street Journal have both been successful in generating revenue via paid reader subscriptions for their digital content while other papers like The Sun & The Toronto Star continue to offer their content free online or have scrapped paywalls they initially used.   Who’s right about whether or not to use paywalls?  As publishers are discovering, it’s a balancing act […]

Digital priorities for publishers – a global snapshot

Different industry experts in different countries are focused on different priorities for 2016.  From video content to digital marketing, increasing subscriptions to mobile speed and app usage, and the always important increasing revenue, each country has it’s own platforms and pitfalls to worry about. Read more about digital priorities of publishers around the globe at

All the news that’s fit to podcast: Newspapers try out audio

Podcasts have been around forever and with the likes of Serial shining a light on the journalistic possibilities, newspapers are testing out the podcast waters.  It’s an engaging media format that can be shared easily, go viral with the right content, and make money with the premium subscription services available. With the elections coming up and unexplored unsolved cases, there’s a wealth of content available in this relatively cheap medium. […]

The publisher homepage is making a comeback

When was the last time a digital publisher got to have fun with their homepage? With the rise of search and social, news in consumed more by the article as it is shared online, than through a homepage gateway, the way print news is. Articles make the money and reach the audience. And because of this, publishers now have more flexibility and freedom to use their site homepages as a […]

Newspaper bosses ‘paralyzed’ by change, clueless about paid content, says Steve Brill

James Warren‘s interview with Steve Brill discusses his learnings from the early days of paywalls for newspapers, and how newspapers can utilize his experience that high-quality, long-form content can increase paid subscriptions.  As a veteran of the industry, Steve Brill has seen the evolution of paid online content in the news industry and believes it can lead to added revenue. Read full article at

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