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Our Hometown Inc has provided newspapers with a full production and engineering service for 18 years. Lead by Paul Kozma, recently appointed CEO, the company looks to reinvent itself by expanding its traditional web services, as well as innovate products for newspapers to engage with readers online.

Matt Larson, director of business development, was recently interviewed regarding Points Mentioned, the company’s latest product designed to drive engagement and pageviews for newspaper websites.  “We are developing technology that will essentially turn any news article into a wikipedia page…the who, what, where, and when of every article is automatically identified and the story is tagged with that entity”, explained Larson in the interview.  “It’s a way of adding a lot of explanatory content, [which] allows readers to research the people and organizations that are mentioned without leaving the news site and looking it up on Google”.

Part of the advantage of Our Hometown is it’s commitment to investing in software R&D. “With an open source content management system based on Drupal, we can develop solutions for newspapers on demand. If an OHT customer has an idea for a feature, they have access to our engineering department,” explained Jeremy Beha, CTO.

“We’re optimizing operations and expanding our portfolio so we can scale our business quickly. This allows us to continue investing into developing unique products that drive clicks on the newspaper website”, says Kozma.

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