How are stories entered ?

Our Batch News Conversion service converts your files to HTML, uploads them to your website and indexes and archives them. The service accepts QuarkXPress, InDesign, Pagemaker, MS Word, Word Perfect and many other formats. Regardless of pagination and file structure, the services will convert your files into a sleak and easy to use online format. It works perfectly with newspapers that paginate, have a file for each page or section, use more than one type of software and even for those that paste up. In most cases, publishers simply use the files as prepared for printing without any changes. Non-pagination file formats such as MS Word can result in additional processing charges unless our filenaming convention is used.

The systems also contains a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) input form accessed from a browser that is designed for customers who want to upload “breaking news” in between issues or to make corrections on their own. Other services offer only TEXTAREA input forms that limit fonts and other stylistic elements. With our WYSIWYG form you see the story exactly as it will appear. In addition to being able to easily stylize anyway you want, you can drag and drop images directly into the story. IBM PC version is available in full release now. The MAC version is available for OS X machines or higher.

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