How do I add a subscriber manually or create an account for a staff member?

  1. Log in to your website by clicking the Login button at the top of your newspaper’s homepage.
  2. From your Site Settings menu, click Users – Add a User.
  3. Enter the person’s email address in both the Username and E-Mail Address fields.
  4. Pick a password for the person and enter it in the fields labeled Password and Confirm Password.
  5. Under Role, check the appropriate box(es). If you are entering a subscriber manually, you should only check the box for Subscriber. If you are creating a staff account, you should choose one of the Staff Member options (and also check theSubscriber box so that they will be able to access protected stories).
    • Staff Member – Accounting has access to the Subscription and Classified processing screens as well as the controls for adding subscribers manually or editing a subscriber’s information.
    • Staff Member – Advertising has access to edit/delete advertisements on the website as well as creating/editing Advertiser Profiles.
    • Staff Member – Publisher has access to all functions of the Site Settings menu.
    • Staff Member – Reporter has access to the Story Editor only.
  6. Check the Notify User of New Account if you wish the person to receive an email when the account is created.
  7. Enter the person’s contact information in the appropriate fields (optional).
  8. If you checked the Subscriber role above, enter the appropriate Expiration Date and Subscription Type for the person.
  9. Click Create New Account.


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