News Brief: Google News update could mean more traffic for newspapers

News Brief: Google News update could mean more traffic for newspapers
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Google recently announced that they are changing the way they share content through the Google News program, and it could have big impact on the traffic your website is seeing.

Traditionally, Google News has used RSS feeds to collect news content from news publishers and render it directly within the Google News application or on Google’s website. While this resulted in more eyes on the shared content and perhaps some brand exposure, most of the readers viewing the content never actually visited the website where the content originated.

In a sense, publishers were trading their pageviews for the perceived exposure of being featured within Google News.

Google’s new announcement will change all of that, as they are doing away with the RSS Feed approach and will instead begin sending readers directly to the article’s source — your website. As a result, you should more traffic being sent to your website from Google, allowing you to truly reap the benefits of Google News and hopefully generate some revenue off of your new audience in the form of new subscriptions or ad revenue.

For more information on Google News, including how to get your publication included, visit the Google News Publisher Help Center.

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