Facebook Instant Articles to be released to all publishers

Facebook will be releasing their Instant Articles publishing platform to all publishers April 2016.  With this release, publishers get to make a decision and trade-off with Facebook – they can host full content on Facebook for a cut of shared Facebook advertising revenue, or if they sell their own advertising, they can take 100% of the profit.

This in many ways goes against the content battle publishers have been fighting – keeping people on site to keep advertisers happy, and to drive readers to additional content.  For those who use paywalls, they lose even more control if they publish on Facebook.

The question is can smaller publishers see considerable revenue if they choose to host content on Facebook?  As publishers test the waters with a variety of content-sharing options, we’ll see them hopefully find a balance between what content to share and what to contain to their own websites.    An added benefit of Facebook Instant Articles is the ability to easily reach a younger generation on a platform they spend more time on than any other…

Read more about Facebook Instant Articles at Poynter.org

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