How do I post a brand new story to my website?

  1. Log in to your website by clicking the Login button at the top of your newspaper’s homepage.
  2. In your Site Settings menu, select Content – Articles.
  3. On the Articles page, click Add a New Story.
  4. You will be shown the standard Edit page, except all of the fields will be blank. In order to successfully create a story, the following fields must be filled out:
    • Title: the headline of the story
    • Editions: the issue date that the story should be posted to
    • Categories: the category that the story should appear under
    • Body: the full text of the story
      • Note: The Body field can be found by clicking the Body tab at the top of the Edit page.
  5. If you wish to highlight the story as a Breaking News item, scroll to the bottom of the Edit page and check the box next to Breaking Story.
  6. Finally, scroll to the bottom of the Edit page and click Save Story.
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