Feature Highlight: Pickup Locations

Feature Highlight: Pickup Locations

A relatively simple way to add extra value to your website is to include a Pickup Locations page that highlights all of the newsstands, shops, and businesses that your readers can purchase a copy of the print edition.

Our Pickup Locations pages are built on GeoDirectory – the same plugin used for our Business Directories – allowing you to plot each Pickup Location on a map and enter some additional details about the business. You can even add a logo or photo of the storefront for added aesthetics.

While the profiles are great, the real bread & butter of the Pickups Location page is the interactive map and search bar. The map will display all plotted locations as a pin icon so that viewers can easily identify places near their homes. The “Search Near” bar below the map allows viewers to enter their own address and will return the nearest results.

Our new friends at Lake Norman Publications are using a Pickups Location page effectively. Click here to view a live example of a Pickups Location page on their website!

Also check out the Florida Weekly “Newsstand Locations” map.  Click on the individual pins for an example of a profile enhanced by images.

If this sounds like something you want to use on your website, fill out the short form below to kick off the process!

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