News Brief – Apple Reduces Their Revenue Share With News Partners

News Brief – Apple Reduces Their Revenue Share With News Partners
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Here at Our Hometown, we try to stay on top of the latest developments when it comes to online newspaper publishing. In this News Brief, we’re highlighting a piece by Joshua Benton over at Nieman Lab about upcoming changes to Apple’s News Partner Program.

The article, “Apple now wants to be your “News Partner” (meaning they’ll let you keep more of your readers’ cash if you join Apple News),” discusses the ways that Apple is updating it’s program to provide better revenue sharing to their news partners. 

Here are a few of our big takeaways:

  • Small publishers (those making less than $1 million annually in the App Store) will now recieve 85% of revenue from subscriptions made within the Apple News app rather than the 70% earned through the previous model.
  • The News Partner Deal also provides 85% of revenue to the publisher for all outlets that make over $1 million in the App Store but also publish a “robust” amount of content in the Apple News ecosystem.
  • These new revenue share moves are designed to incentivise publishing within the Apple ecosystem which helps with user retension for Apple and could increase subscription rates by making subscribing faster and more convenient for users.

As more and more readers are shifting to mobile, it may be beneficial to forgoe the 15% that Apple is now asking for to get your content in front of audiences embedded in their ecosystem. We at Our Hometown understand the value of mobile audiences and highly recommend paying attention to where your readers are consuming your content.

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