Art Cullen of Storm Lake Times interviewed by NPR

Art Cullen of Storm Lake Times interviewed by NPR
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National Public Radio (NPR) recently interviewed Our-Hometown, Inc. customer and friend Art Cullen from the Storm Lake Times and has published the full audio of the conversation online, along with a text transcription. The Storm Lake Times is being featured in an upcoming PBS documentary named “Storm Lake”, prompting Art to join NPR host Dave Davies to discuss the family-oriented newspaper.

To read or listen to the entire interview on the NPR website, just click the following headline: ‘Storm Lake’ Documentary Depicts The Triumph And Struggle Of A Local Newspaper

“Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Art Cullen discusses the battle to keep print news alive in small-town America. Cullen runs Iowa’s Storm Lake Times, along with his brother, the paper’s publisher.”

This, of course, is a battle that many publishers are fighting daily to keep their newspapers profitable. We thought some of our publishers might be interested in listening to the insight provided by Art in this interview.

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