Our-Hometown Email Service Update

Our-Hometown Email Service Update
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Our-Hometown has made the difficult decision to end our relationship with our e-mail service provider, Rackspace.

The quality of service of Rackspace has degraded over the past year to the point where it is no longer a viable service. Emails are no longer being delivered reliably and Rackspace has refused to allow communication from the website server to their email service. They are unable, or unwilling, to resolve numerous issues that have caused us and our customers frustration while wasting all of our time. 

We have decided to leave Rackspace and move our-hometown.com’s email to Google Workspace. With this change, we will no longer be able to provide email as a service of Our-Hometown


Our-Hometown will assist you in moving your email addresses and archives to another service provider. For customers who’d like us to handle the migration, we are encouraging you to sign up for Google Workspace.

  • We will move your current emails and aliases to the Workspace
  • We will assist you in reconnecting your devices to the new email provider

In order to facilitate the migration process, we will need a list of your current email passwords. Click here for instructions.

Once we have migrated your emails and assisted with connecting your devices, we will no longer be acting as an intermediary between you and the email provider.  You will be responsible for creating new email accounts and connecting future devices to the service

Long Term Email Support

For customers who are not comfortable with administering their own email accounts after the migration, we are recommending SaltLogix as a long-term solution. If you decide to use SaltLogix’s service, or another IT provider, we recommend that you contact them before creating an account with Google Workspace so they can discuss options with you for various email providers.

Website: SaltLogix.com
Email: support@saltlogix.com
Reference: Our-Hometown Email Migration

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