Highlight upcoming Events in your newsletter with our new Custom Events block

Highlight upcoming Events in your newsletter with our new Custom Events block
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Our-Hometown, Inc. is excited to introduce our new Custom Events Block for The Newsletter Plugin, which equips your newsletter with the ability to include Events published to your website’s event calendar directly in your daily or weekly newsletter.

This new Custom Events Block works just like most of the other blocks in the newsletter editor. When editing a newsletter using the Drag & Drop Composer, simply find the Custom Events option on your list of blocks to the right of the editor and drag it into the canvas.

You’ll need to adjust the settings to configure your new Events block the way you want. You can adjust the maximum number of events included, and can select from several preset Layouts to display the events. Don’t forget to adjust the text styles to match the rest of your newsletter theme.

Once you’ve updated your settings, click Apply and the newsletter preview will update with your new settings.

The Custom Events block will list any upcoming events from the time the newsletter is generated. In other words, if you send your newsletter at 7am on a Monday morning, the newsletter will start with events happening on Monday and will include as many events as you’ve chosen in your configuration.

The Custom Events tool can be used to create a standalone newsletter highlighting upcoming events in your area, or can be used in conjunction with our other blocks to feature some events along with the articles and other content that is already included in your existing newsletter.

For this initial release, we worked closely with one of our newest customers, The Daily Catch, to develop a tool that would highlight events in their daily and weekly newsletter. If you’re interested in expanding the capabilities of this tool to suit your needs, please reach out to us at ops@our-hometown.com and we’ll see what we can do.

The Custom Events block is only available for customers using our Reader Resources package, which includes the Event Calendar. If you’re using our Reader Resources package and do not have access to the Custom Events block in your newsletter, please let us know.

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