Introduction to the Archives page

Introduction to the Archives page
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Our support team is often asked about the default Archives page that is available on all of our websites, usually by a customer that is unable to find a particular article or by a customer that wonders why the archive dates don’t always correspond with the dates your editions were published. In light of these questions, we thought it would be worthwhile to explain the Archives page and how it works.

The Archives page

The Archives page

The Archives page lists all of the dates that a piece of content was published on, allowing the visitor to easily browse content from a specific day, month and year with little effort. When a visitor clicks on a particular date, they are presented with any content that was published to the website on that date.

However, even if your newspaper only publishes new editions on Thursdays, you may still see other dates listed in your archive page caused by articles that were posted outside of the regular publishing schedule. A breaking news story that was posted to the website between editions, for example, would result in an extra date listed on the archives page. Publishing Articles, PDFs, and other custom post types will create a new entry in the Archives page for that date.

The same is true if you publish your digital edition on a different date than your print edition goes live. Many of our customers will publish content for a Friday edition on the Thursday before — meaning you would normally find content listed on Thursdays in the archives.

This is because the Archives page uses the Publish Date rather than the Edition to categorize content.

In addition to our standard Archives page, we also have an E-Editions Archive page which neatly displays all of your PDF E-Editions in a multi-page, multi-column layout where readers can easily browse back several issues at a time to find the edition they’re looking for. Of course, they can also use the Search bar to search the archives for any story or edition!

Hopefully this brief introduction answers a few of your questions about our Archives page and how it works. If you have any questions, e-mail our support team at today!


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