Manual Push Notifications now available on OHT Apps

Manual Push Notifications now available on OHT Apps
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Our-Hometown has recently released a small but powerful update that allows publishers to manually send out Push Notifications to their iOS or Android App users from the website at any time.

While the general Push Notifications feature has existed for some time, it was previously configured to send out a Push Notification only when an article is published, and only when it belongs to a particular category.

This new, manual approach allows publishers to be much more selective with the type of content they push out to their mobile application users, as well as with what time their notifications are sent out.

For example, a publisher who has posted a new story in the middle of the night may not see much engagement from a push notification sent out while all of their readers are asleep. Now, they’ll be able to publish the story at midnight and return the next morning to send out the Push Notification to readers who will actually see it.

This is just another small improvement Our-Hometown has made as part of our efforts to enhance our platform for mobile users. Let us know what you think by e-mailing us at!

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