Publisher Interview: The 5 Point Digital Advertising Platform

Publisher Interview: The 5 Point Digital Advertising Platform

In this month’s Publisher Interview, Guy Roginson of joined Matt Larson once again, this time to discuss how he is leveraging FIVE different forms of digital advertising available on our platform in a single campaign for a large client. In this campaign, Guy put together a package for his client that utilizes virtually all of the major advertising tools that we offer to benefit both the advertiser as well as the publisher.

Web Banners are pretty standard in digital advertising, and our platform supports ads of all shapes and sizes via AdRotate Pro. This includes leaderboard ads, tile ads, skyscraper ads, mobile ads and more. However, Guy has greatly enhanced the value of this package by including other non-traditional forms of advertising on top of web banners.

A Featured Event Listing is displayed prominently on the homepage of the website, which clicks through to a page containing all of the event details – date, time, location, map and more. SignalsAZ allows all visitors to submit events to be listed publicly, but offers the option to Feature the event on the homepage for a set price. This is an excellent use of GeoDirectory to generate revenue.

Next, Guy utilizes GravityForms to create a sweepstakes where they’ll give away free tickets to a lucky winner who submits the form. Ingeniously, the “sweepstakes” doubles as a data collection tool that records interested customers’ names and contact information, which can later be used by the advertiser or Guy himself to target with relevant advertising material.

The package also includes a Featured Article, which is handled by Our-Hometown’s custom content management system. This article will be displayed in the Featured Stories section, and will primarily be used to drum up interest in the event as well as provide any additional details or changes. The article may also wind up featured in the newsletter.

Finally, Guy caps off the package by selling a position in the Featured Videos section. His client has a video advertisement that they’ll deliver roughly a week before the event, which will be displayed on the homepage.

Big thanks to Guy Roginson for letting us take a peek at how SignalsAZ is utilizing a wide variety of our tools to get the most bang for their buck!

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