REMINDER: MemberPress Security Notice

REMINDER: MemberPress Security Notice
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Earlier this year, we sent out an Important Notice regarding a MemberPress Security Update affecting customers that are using the Stripe payment gateway to process subscription orders on your website. The notice warns of an outdated payment connection that could become insecure in the future, and is the result of a recent MemberPress update that introduced a new and improved method of processing payments.

Many customers have not yet taken the steps necessary to correct this issue, and while there is no imminent security threat, we advise that any customers seeing this notice on their dashboard contact us as soon as possible to set up the new connection.

Although the warning says to click the button to re-connect with Stripe, this is actually something that Our-Hometown’s Support Team will have to do, as it requires logging in to our universal MemberPress account to verify licensing. Please do not try to fix this error on your own.

If you are seeing this error, there are two steps necessary to resolving it:

1. Invite OHT to join your Stripe Team

Please invite Our-Hometown ( to join your Stripe account as an Administrator Team Member. We may already be members of your Stripe team, but please make sure we have Administrator access rather than Developer access. This upgrade requires Administrator access.

Click here to learn how to invite Team Members to your Stripe Account

2. Create a Support Ticket

Once you’ve invited us to join your Stripe team, please create a support ticket with us by e-mailing with your publication’s name and URL, and let us know you’ve sent the Stripe invitation.

We’ll handle it from there, and will have your website’s MemberPress installation linked with Stripe using the latest, most-secure connection.

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