Reverse Publishing From WordPress to InDesign

Last week I had the bright idea to use our Reverse Publishing Tools to create some printed marketing materials from our Blog.  Watch the video above to see how I accomplish this task from start to finish!

Step 1:  Create an article in WordPress

The most efficient way to use our Reverse Publishing tool is to compose your articles directly in WordPress.  In the above video, I quickly go over this step.  If you are interested, I cover this topic in more detail here:

Step 2:  Export that article (with others) to InDesign

Selected the articles I want to layout and ran a “Bulk Action” called Export to InDesign XML.  This generates a zip folder containing an XML file and all the images from the stories selected.  Then you simply go to the InDesign template and select File>Import XML.

Step 3:  Drag and Drop the article headline, body, and images into the homepage template

Laid out the front page of The Our Hometown News in less than 10 minutes.  And I am no graphic designer.

Step 4:  Export as a PDF and print at FedEx


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