THE RESULTS ARE IN: Look for these features in 2020!

THE RESULTS ARE IN: Look for these features in 2020!

Our Hometown ran a survey throughout the month of January asking customers to provide feedback and suggestions regarding what features they’d like to see introduced in 2020. As always, we put our customers needs and desires at the forefront and allowed everyone the chance to give their input.

After running the numbers, we’re excited to share the most-requested features that we’ll be working on this year:

An improved mobile publishing experience

Our Hometown’s WordPress CMS offers several different ways to publish content, including options to publish via e-mail or a third-party solution like Google Docs, but we’ve recognized that there is room for improvement when publishing from a mobile device. We plan to address this by overhauling the mobile dashboard to make it more responsive and easier to navigate so that you can post articles, galleries, and more just as quickly as you can from the web.

A universal Advertising Network solution

We’ve also been exploring our options with Advertising Networks in search of a universal solution that would provide a new revenue stream for our customers. Judging by the response to our survey, many of our customers are just as interested as we are! We’ll have more information on this later this year.

Audio Editions

Finally, we are looking to improve on our Audio Articles product that was launched last year by adding the ability to easily listen to an entire edition of articles without needing to navigate article to article manually. Less input from the user means a more hands-free experience, which makes listening to the news while driving or exercising more realistic.

We are super excited about the features above, and surely we’ll be adding a few more items to this list before all is said and done. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey and helped to shape the future of Our Hometown! Keep an eye out for news about these features later this year.

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