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<BR><BR>TO THE EDITOR:   <BR><BR>It was 140 years ago, in 1865, when a druggist by the name of Henry C. Welles from the small city of Waterloo, N.Y., suggested that there ought to be a way of remembering and honoring people who had died in service to the United States. To do so, he initiated the first “Decoration Day” to promote the idea of adorning the graves of fallen soldiers with flowers. The idea caught on, and by 1868 the Army officially started recognizing the day.   <BR><BR>In 1882, the name was changed to Memorial Day, and in 1971, it was declared a national holiday to be held on the last Monday in May, creating a three-day holiday.   <BR><BR>Yet Memorial Day should be more to us than another holiday. It should continue to be a time to remember the people who have died in service to our country.  <BR><BR> To honor our forebearers who fought for our freedom and security, I encourage all Minnesotans to observe Memorial Day, perhaps by attending a memorial service or visiting a veterans’ cemetery. It is important to remember the past to understand our place today, and our future.  <BR><BR> On Memorial Day, I remember my father, who served in World War II, and convey to my kids and grandkids what his service meant to me and to our country. Probably every family has compelling stories about those who served and made the ultimate sacrifice for us.   <BR><BR>Together we can make this Memorial Day truly a time of appreciation and remembrance.    <BR><BR>Mary Kiffmeyer    <BR><BR>Secretary of State    <BR><BR>Written by: Mary Kiffmeyer