Adding a PDF (E-Edition or Special Section)

If you are using out e-edition (interactive or static) or need to upload a special section, please follow the following instructions. *If you are simply uploading a PDF document for user access / download, you only need to upload the PDF to the media library & grab the link URL to link to. Find “PDF” on the backend menu or on the “Add New” menu on the front end of […]

Uploading an e-Edition PDF

Step 1. Locate the “PDFs” menu item on your dashboard menu. *If you do not see this section, you have not added our interactive eEdition to your Our Hometown plan. Please contact sales@our-hometown.com to sign up for our interactive eEdition. Select “Add New” to add a new eEdition or Special Section to our interactive PDF viewer. Step 2. Enter your Edition Date or Name in the “Editions” box on the […]