Adding a New Non-Subscriber User

To add a new user, log in to the site and go to the backend dashboard.

Find the “users” menu item on the left-hand side.

Select “add new”.

Enter a unique username and email for the user. The easiest method is to also use their email as their username.

Usernames cannot be changed once added.  If a username is already in the database, you will not be able to add a new user with the same name.

A user can only add new users at their same access level or lower – so an editor can only add editor level (highest available client level) or below.

Select editor for high-level users, and author or contributor for people who only need to submit stories or use minimal functions on the site.

If you’d like to send an email notification to the user, make sure the “Send User Notification” box is checked. They will receive an email from the system with more information on their password and how to login.  If they don’t receive the email, please have them check their spam folder before contacting ops@our-hometown.

Click “Add New User” to add the user to the system.