Adding Videos to Articles or Pages

Adding videos to your website is extremely easy, whether it is your own content or content you are sharing from another creator. There are three ways to add videos to your website:

  1. Paste in the URL – Although you will not be able to upload videos directly to our servers, WordPress has built-in support for YouTube videos – meaning anytime you post the URL to a video on you YouTube, WordPress will automatically convert that URL into a live video player, essentially embedding the video into your article or page.
  1. Video Widget – Using the Customize Tool, navigate to the desired Widget area and add a new widget. From the widget selection list, choose the Video widget. From within this widget, click “Add Video” and choose “From URL”, then paste in the URL from YouTube.
  1. Embedded Video – If you need to embed a video that is not from YouTube, this is usually possible as long as the video host offers an embed code. This can usually be obtained if there is a “Share” button underneath the video. This embed code can be pasted into the HTML tab of an article to display the video. However, we strongly recommend that you host your videos on YouTube for the smoothest integration.