AdRotate Tracking For Newsletter Ads

To track clicks on ads in newsletters, you can setup ads via AdRotate, alter & update the code for use in an email.

First, create your ad as you normally would.

Copy the code you see in the “AdCode” box & paste it into a text document so you can make some adjustments to it for use in the newsletter.

Replace %asset% part of the AdCode with the full image link – can usually below in the “Banner Asset” link box, or you can select it from the image information in the media libary.

<a href=”[adid]/[groupid or 0 if this add is not part of a group]”><img src=”actual full url to img”></a>

Using the newspaper’s domain plus this code will redirect the ad to the correct URL for the ad as setup under AdRotate.

On the URL that the image links to (found where href=” “) between the 2 quotes, add “/adrotate/click/(replace with Image ID)/(replace w/ group ID or 0)”

The image ad ID is the number found next to it on the left on the full list of ads.

The group ID is the number on the left of the list of groups.

Take your updated copy and copy into the newsletter to display your ad.  Your stats will be tracked in AdRotate.