Connecting Memberpress &

To get started, navigate to the options menu in MemberPress and select payments.

  1. Click the (+) button and select a new gateway “”
  2. Name it whatever you want. This is the name that your users will see when they go to select how to pay. We recommend “Pay with Credit Card”.
  3. Go to your dashboard to obtain the necessary keys: API Login ID, Transaction Key, and Signature Key.
  4. In Account setting select API Credentials & Keys under Security Settings
  5. Copy and paste your API Login ID into the MemberPress settings
  6. Copy and paste the Transaction Key into the MemberPress settings
  7. Copy and paste the Signature Key into the MemberPress settings
  8. Copy the Webhook URL from MemberPress and paste it into your -> Account -> Business Settings -> Webhooks. You’ll want to set its status to “Active” and make sure it’s configured to send for All Events. Name it whatever you’d like, but we recommend “MemberPress Webhook” so you’ll know what it was for.
  9. Note: The Usernames field shown in the video above has been removed and is no longer needed as of MemberPress version 1.3.51.
  10. Now run some tests for both Recurring (ARB) subscriptions and Non-Recurring (AIM) subscriptions to ensure everything is working properly.

Use Sandbox mode only if you have a account. This will allow you to make sure everything works without actually charging any real cards. To get a Sandbox account you’ll first need to signup at If you have been using Sandbox mode and you’re going live, be sure to update your API Login ID, Transaction Key, Signature Key, and Webhook URL for your live account as mentioned above.

Use Force SSL if your site has the option of being viewed in http and https. This will automatically switch to https when a user is going to pay so that the transaction is secure.

Catch Up Payment Type

If a member fails to update their Credit Card and get’s behind on payments — you can use this feature to “catch them up” when they get around to updating their Credit Card info. To find this feature, navigate to MemberPress > Options > Payments tab, and locate the Catch Up Payment Type setting in your payment gateway settings.

The options are explained below:

  • None – Don’t use the catch-up feature. The member can update their card info, but will not be billed for any delinquencies. Their next scheduled payment will be taken out normally.
  • Period – The member is billed for “this” entire billing period. So if they have missed 5 monthly payments, they are only billed the full amount for the 5th period, not the prior 4 missed periods before it.
  • Proration – The member is billed for the remainder of “this” billing period. So if they have missed 5 monthly payments, and there are still two weeks left in the 5th period, they will be billed immediately for those remaining two weeks.
  • Full – Charge the member the full amount for their delinquent time. So if they missed 5 monthly payments, they would be charged for all 5 months when updating their card.

Silent Post URL/MD5 Hash to Webhooks/Signature Key Update

On Feb 1st, 2019, removed the UI element for their MD5 Hash Value in favor of their new Signature Keys. As such the MemberPress integration needed to be updated to use the new Signature Keyand Webhook URL integrations.

If you set up integration with MemberPress before Feb 1st, 2019, you MUST make these changes or your future renewal payments through ARB will not track properly.

Source: MemberPress Documentation