Getting Your Stripe API Keys

1. Create a Separate Stripe Account

Skip this step if you already have a separate Stripe account set up.
Create a Stripe account on their website and log in by entering your created email and password.

Once logged in, click Activate Your Account in the top left and enter the requested information.

2. Get the API Keys

Within Stripe, click API on the left menu. Alternatively, you can click here to get to the API key page (if you are logged into your Stripe account).

Then copy the Live Secret Key and the Live Publishable Key and please email to – let them know if they are use in a specific section of the site or site-wide (subscriptions, forms, etc).  Some people break out separate Stripe accounts to keep subscriptions separate from paid forms.

3. Updating your Webhooks

After your site goes live (or if is live currently) – we will send you back a URL to add to your “webhooks” – this is on the same page as where you found your API key – there is a separate tab that you click to go to, and then you will click “add webhook URL” and input the URL sent back to you. Make sure to save your changes.