Google Docs Add-on Overview

The Google Docs Add-On allows you to connect your Google Docs account with your Our-Hometown website so that you can easily publish content directly from your Google Docs workspace to the web without having to switch between multiple platforms or copy and paste content.

For each Google Doc activate the Our-Hometown add-on and enter your website’s credentials. This will create a direct link between your document and your site with only a single login.

new panel is now available replicating the relevant options from the WordPress article creation interface. Bylines, subheadings, scheduling, categories etc. can all be set here just as on your website, although images will need to be uploaded through the new panel.

Once you publish from the Google Doc, the article will then appear on your website as if created directly there, and most importantly, the link between the two is continuously active. This allows you to revise and update the article content from the document without ever having to login to your website.

Once your articles are published to the web, you can take advantage of our Reverse Publishing Suite to easily export all of those articles for placement in your InDesign layout for the print edition.