Importing Your Archives to WordPress

The Our Hometown team is here to help with your archive export & transfer to our system.

Our Hometown’s platform requires articles are sent over in the NITF form (News Industry Text Format – you can learn more about the standard here ) .

This ensures accurate importation of all your data to the correct fields, as well as image importation & placement.

Please copy and paste the following text in an email or ticket to your current provider:

We would like to request a download of our archives in NITF (Newspaper Industry Text Format).

Below is a sample of the tags required by NITF. In NITF formatting, each story is required to be in a separate file, which is then stored in a separate folder for each edition that also contains the story’s images.  This means all stories & pictures for one edition, go into one folder, labelled “YYYY-MM-DD”.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<nitf version=”-//IPTC//DTD NITF 3.3//EN” xmlns:extra=”urn:extra-functions”>
<title><![CDATA[Quick action by firefighters contains fire at Colasanti’s Market]]></title>
<doc-id id-string=”27676″ />
<date.issue norm=”2017-06-14″ />
<date.release norm=”2017-06-14″ />
<pubdata type=”print” date.publication=”2017-06-14″ position.section=”Front Page” />
<hl1><![CDATA[Headline Goes Here]]></hl1>
<hl2><![CDATA[Subhead Goes Here]]></hl2>
<hl2><![CDATA[Subhead n Goes Here]]></hl2>
<byline><![CDATA[Byline 1 Goes Here]]></byline>
<byline><![CDATA[Byline 2 Goes Here]]></byline>
<byline><![CDATA[Byline n Goes Here]]></byline>
<![CDATA[Article Body Here]]>
<media media-type=”image”>
<media-reference source=”1p1.jpg” />
<media-caption><![CDATA[Caption for Photo 1 Goes Here]]></media-caption>
<media media-type=”image”>
<media-reference source=”1p2.jpg” />
<media-caption><![CDATA[Caption for Photo 2 Goes Here]]></media-caption>