Importing Newsletter Subscribers

To see your full database of subscribers, you can go to “Newsletter > Subscribers” from the backend dashboard.

When you’re on the newsletter dashboard, there is a separate menu along the top, running horizontally, that starts with “subscribers”. This menu has a drop-down of additional subscriber-related options.

To see statistics about your subscribers, select “statistics” from this drop-down, such as total signups, unsubscribed users, nad confirmed vs unconfirmed.

To importer users in bulk, select the “import” menu option.

If you’re using any lists (individual groups you might send to instead of your full list of subscribers), be sure to select it from the “preferences” section.

You can either import a CSV of emails addresses or copy & past the information into the “CSV text” box here.

If you are using CSV, simply copy & paste a list of email addresses, one per line.


If you are using the “CSV file” import method, be sure to use the correct data format. This will depend on the “field separator” you choose – you can choose between semicolon, comma, or tabulation.

The example format below using “semicolon” for the field separator –

Import list format is:

email[separator]first name[separator]last name[separator]gender[new line]

Example:;first name 1;last name 1;m;first name 2;last name 2;f

where [separator] must be selected from the available ones. Empty lines and lines starting with “#” will be skipped. There is no separator escaping mechanism, so be sure that field values do not contain the selected separator. The only required field is the email all other fields are options. Gender must be “m” or “f”


Once you’ve copied & pasted your information or uploaded your file, select “Import”.