MaxGalleria – Video Showcase

Note:  This is an available option with Our Hometown’s WordPress platform. If you don’t see it as part of your menu options, you may need to submit a ticket to request turning it on.

You will be able to see it in the Templates for your galleries, once it is turned on. The showcase features one large video on top of the thumbnails that changes whenever the thumbnails are clicked.

Adjusting Gallery Settings

Gallery Skin: Video Showcase comes packaged with a few standard skins. Currently there are, No Border, Picture Frame, Portal, Portal Dark, Standard, Standard Dark, Tightness and Tightness Dark.

Thumbnail Columns: Depending on how many videos you have in your gallery you may want a different amount of columns. MaxGalleria defaults to five columns, but you can choose anywhere between 1 and 10. Whatever column selection you make, your gallery will stick to that and is responsive, so you’ll have the same number of columns on all devices (larger numbers will adjust automatically on mobile).

Thumbnail Shape: Three options here with Square, Landscape and Portrait. Landscape is especially nice for the Video Showcase as videos tend to be in a 16:9 ratio already, converting well to the Landscape shape.

Thumbnail Captions Enabled: For each image you have the ability to add/edit captions. If you’d like those captions to appear when the gallery loads, you’d want to check the checkbox for this option.

Thumbnail Captions Position: The location of the captions when the gallery loads on the page. Options are Below Image or Bottom of Image.

Thumbnail Opacity Enabled: If enabled, the thumbnails will appear at an opacity level of 0.7 unless it is the active photo which will set the thumbnail to opacity of 1.

Thumbnail Custom Image Class: Adds a class to every image.

Thumbnail Custom Image Container Class: Adds a class to the image container.

Thumbnail Custom Rel Attribute: Changes the Rel Attribute of the image. The default allows clicking prev/next inside the lightbox to get between the images.

Gallery Description

For each gallery you can create a description that discusses your gallery or adds extra information for anyone viewing the gallery. If enabled, you can choose to put the description above or below your gallery (default is above).