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Transactions CSV Format

Download Sample Transactions CSV

When to Import This File Type:

  • To import a One-Time Subscription – One-Time Subscriptions do NOT need to have an associated subscription imported because “one-time subscriptions” are really just a single transaction.
  • To activate a previously imported Recurring Subscription – Recurring Subscriptions are only marked as active (meaning the user will have access to your protected content) when a completed non-expired transaction is present.

Required Columns:

  • username or email– The username or email address of the user that should be associated with the transaction. Must belong to an already existing user in the database.
  • product_id — The ID of the Membership that this transaction is for. Must be the ID of an already existing Membership in the database.  The id can be found in the url when editing the Membership .  For example the Membership id in this url: is 10.
  • amount — Price of the Membership. Can be any number in decimal format without a currency symbol — for example: 5.99 …
  • total — Price including tax (if any). total = (amount + tax_amount). If no tax, this should be set to the same value as the “amount” field.

Optional Columns:

  • sub_num — The subscription number that references the subscription. This sub_num must reference an already existing subscription in the database. Defaults to blank.
  • payment_method — The unique id of the payment method .. this can be found in the payments tab of MemberPress options. Defaults to ‘manual’. If you’re importing Free members you can also set this to ‘free’.
  • coupon_code — The coupon code of the coupon applied to this transaction. Must reference a coupon that already exists in the database. Defaults to blank.
  • send_welcome — Controls whether the user will receive a welcome email along with this newly created transaction. Can either be 1 for true or 0 for false. Defaults to 0.
  • trans_num — The gateway’s transaction number. Can be any small string of text. If blank, a random id will be generated.
  • tax_rate — The tax rate in %. Example 5% should be entered as 5.000. Defaults to 0.
  • tax_amount — The amount of tax applied towards the total. tax_amount = (amount*(tax_rate/100)). Defaults to 0.
  • tax_desc — The description for the tax. Defaults to no description.
  • tax_class — Not used in MemberPress currently. Defaults to ‘standard’.
  • status — The status of the transaction. Can either be ‘pending’, ‘complete’ or ‘refunded’. Defaults to ‘complete’.
  • created_at — The date this transaction was created. Must be in the format “YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss”. Defaults to current date.
  • expires_at — The expiration date of the transaction … when a transaction expires it must be renewed by the user for them to continue to have access. Must be in the format “YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss”. Defaults to Lifetime Access if left blank. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don’t want your user to have lifetime access based on this import, you have to add an expiration date via this column.
  • ip_addr — The User’s IPv4 or IPv6 Address. Defaults to empty.